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Sustainability is in our daily lives and a part of our strategy for today and tomorrow. We work to be a competitive company and a leading player in the transformation of our value chain and society.

We want to help make people's lives more sustainable through our products, and to let them know that we work to generate positive impacts that stem from responsible operations.

In our chain

AWe operate throughout our chain to ensure efficiency of resources, reduction of waste and environmental impacts—from eucalyptus seedlings to the final product. But we go beyond: we seek open dialogue and a sustainable vision in the relationship with our employees and customers, partnership with suppliers, and financial processes.

In the environment

We invest in the preservation of more than 900,000 hectares of native forest and conducted one of the largest restoration programs in Brazil. Our environmental initiatives contribute toward climate regulation, preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, and protection of soils, rivers and their springs.

In people

People are our motivation and we want to help in their development, both inside and outside the company. We respect the diversity of our employees and work to make them protagonists of their professional goals. Our projects with neighboring communities focus on generating income and improving education, enabling empowerment, quality of life and the financial autonomy of people. We seek a healthy relationship and open dialogue with the communities where we operate, NGOs, social movements, governments, and other companies.



Ecofuturo Institute believes that we can transform the world by integrating people, books, and nature. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 and run by Suzano to share a new way of viewing life and contributing to our sustainability goals. For this reason, Ecofuturo is dedicated to the preservation of natural areas and the promotion of reading. A work that seeks to nourish relationships, engage local communities and foster knowledge:

- Ecofuturo Community Library Project, with the implementation of more than 100 libraries in the country to date, benefitting an average of 650,000 people per year;
- Neblinas Park, a referential environmental reserve, where activities involving forest management, forest restoration, environmental education, scientific research, ecotourism, and community participation are carried out..

Sustainability Report

Browse our latest Report and learn about the main projects and initiatives of Suzano S.A's first year of management.

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