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We are the sum of more than 35,000 viewpoints. Our people are proud of what they do. With different accents, backgrounds and ideas, our ways of thinking and accomplishing are complementary. We have the competence to make it happen and we are strong and kind. We work to build a better company every day.

Everyone in the same direction

It all starts when we choose a path to follow. And, at Suzano, we always follow what we believe in. The Culture Drivers translate our actions into words:

Who we are

People who inspire and


• We have the courage and competence to make it happen.
• Fostering diversity strengthens us.
• We work together and for the whole.
• Exceeding expectations drives us.
• We are 'strong and kind.

What we do

We create and share


• We think big and act globally.
• We are always evolving with agility.
• We innovate to advance.
• We build and share success while considering all stakeholders.

How we do it

It's only good for us if it's good for

the world

• We dialog to build better.
• We are protagonists in society’s evolution.
• We always act sustainably.
• We seek admired profit.


Inspiration and transformation are in our DNA. We want to drive positive changes in the world. And we want to drive them from the inside out. To achieve this, we have in place the Voluntariar Program, which encourages employees, family members, and partners to participate as volunteers in initiatives that reinforce our culture drivers. Through projects such as Formare, Suzano na Escola (Suzano at School), Voluntariar em Ação (Volunteering in Action) and other volunteering initiatives, the program fosters citizenship and social empowerment to build a better society.

To learn more, send an email to voluntariar@suzano.com.br

A place to discover

There is a universe of possibilities within Suzano. A place where you can discover new challenges, new horizons, new goals and even more about yourself.


We know that each of us has unique characteristics. The sum of all of these makes us plural. Suzano has diversity and inclusion as a premise to become a better company every day. Grupo Plural is an organic and voluntary movement that engages employees interested in promoting diversity that acts in various groups, such as gender, racial and ethnic inclusion, issues involving the LGBTI+ community, generations, and people with disabilities.

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